The 2017-2018 NBA All Crazy Team

On this week’s edition of #BenchPod, we wondered who would make up a roster of the craziest players in the NBA right now. We were uncertain about whether we could fill a roster with just current players, but we managed to find enough guys who qualify as nuts to fill a 13-man squad. This isn’t a group you want to get in a scuffle with during a game.

Point Guards

Rajon Rondo


Rondo once got ejected just for staring down a referee. The look in his eyes was enough for the ref to say, “Nope! Get out with that mess!” There are video compilations all over the Internet upwards of five minutes in length with just fights and altercations Rondo has been involved in, including getting into it with Rafer Alston before any time had come off the clock at the start of a game. He does not shy away from conflict on or off the court. Also, he’s a pretty good guard. Easy pick as starting PG for the All-Crazy team.

Patrick Beverley

The man responsible for tearing Russell Westbrook’s meniscus with his hip (somehow) is a lock for this team. He’s taken on guys like Lebron James and Rudy Gay, and he went nuts about wanting to shut down Lonzo Ball at the start of this season. Fearlessness + crazy hair = nucking futs.

Matthew Dellavedova:

We could write a whole piece about whether or not Delly is dirty, but like Beverley, his fearlessness and hustle make him a little crazy. Delly pulled Bismack Biyombo down by the neck once, nearly getting his ass beat by a guy much larger than himself. He’s always at the bottom of the pile in any scuffle that seems to happen.

Shooting Guards

J.R. Smith

Any guy who replies to a Twitter DM with “You trying to get the pipe” is not only a living legend, but is also a little crazy. If you piss Smith off, you can bet he’ll go face to face with you and probably swing. Hennything is possible with this guy.

Lance Stephenson

He blew in Lebron’s ear, he taunted the Heat when he was still a nobody (and got clothes lined for it), and plays with more of a consistent edge than most players in the league right now. He is always out to prove something on the court, and he won’t back down from anybody.

Small Forwards

Matt Barnes

This dude is not only crazy on the court, but he is off of it as well. He allegedly drove 95 miles to beat Derek Fisher’s ass because Fisher was with Barnes’ ex-wife. He also tried to get into Kobe Bean Bryant’s head. That ain’t easy.

Michael Beasley

How many altercations has Beasley been in over the years? Well, let’s just look at this year. He got into it with Jusuf Nurkic the other night and there are countless other scrums he’s been in throughout his career. He’s a bonafide badass and he gets buckets.

Power Forwards

Joakim Noah

While not truly a power forward, he just says some outlandish things and he has always rocked a man bun throughout his career. In a way, for the Chicago Bulls, he was their Lance Stephenson before Lance Stephenson was a thing. A player absolutely hated by other teams but adored by the fan base.

David West

The heart and soul of those Pacers teams that challenged the Miami Heat during the “Big 3” era, David West was, and still is, a baaaad man. Just look at his altercations in the playoffs with Pero Antic, Udonis Haslem, or Tristan Thompson.

Bobby Portis

Probably the youngest player on this team, he’s one of the few bright spots for the Chicago Bulls during their current rebuild…well based on talent that is. He straight up punched his own teammate, Nikola Mirotic, in the face so hard that it sent Mirotic to the hospital and forced him to miss nearly 6 weeks with a fractured face and a concussion. Mirotic finally returned to practice for the first time yesterday, but the two still haven’t spoken to one another.

Tyler Hansbrough

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet…his nickname is Psycho-T. That should be a good enough explanation.


DeMarcus Cousins


Oh, Boogie Cousins. Easily the superstar of this team, but also quite possibly the one with the shortest temper. Since Cousins entered the NBA in 2011, he has 121 technical fouls called against him. He has also been in the top 6 of technical fouls for every single season of his career, and he leads the way with 8 techs already this year. He isn’t afraid of anybody on the court, and he shouldn’t be.

Robin Lopez

Really, Lopez is just on here because of his constant fighting with team mascots and the occasional on-court fight with opponents. Robin Lopez brings a rare combination of great(?) hair and short fuse. Lopez has never been viewed as supremely talented but he’ll bring it every night; even if his biggest contribution is just pissing off someone on the other team or picking on their mascot.

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