Josh Hart Shows his Fortnite Fandom On and Off the Court

While many of us gamers may be addicted to Epic Games’, Fortnite, Los Angeles guard, Josh Hart, has taken his love for the game to a whole new level.
Many people were viewing the live stream between Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Larry Nance Jr., and Frank Kaminsky on a video streaming site called Twitch. As we can hear in the chat, Kuzma uses some adult language in the video. Hart responds by telling him this video is for the kids and jokingly tells him to keep it PG-13.
As NBA fans know PG-13 is also Oklahoma City Thunders’ forward, Paul Georges’, nickname. For a while now, there have been rumors that the Lakers will pursue George during the off-season.
As you can hear in the video, Hart jokingly tells Kuzma they probably shouldn’t be using the phrase “PG-13” because of tampering. While the squad probably knows they’re not actually breaking any rules they know how to keep their viewers entertained.
Hart has also worn some Fortnite inspired shoes in pre-game warmups during a game against the Sacramento Kings on Febuary 24th. The shoes have himself as a Fortnite character on them with his name (in the Fortnite font of course). There is also some text that reads, “Eliminated By JoshHartNova” (his Xbox Live gamertag).
fortnite shoes
The Nike Kobe shoes were created by Salvador Amezcua, AKA Kickstrodamis The artist is known for creating custom shoes. A pair usually run for at least $300 but they are well worth it for sneaker heads that would pay that for a pair from Big Baller Brand.
Harts love for the game runs deeper than just his fashion on the court. During a game against in city rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers, Hart drills a three and proceeds by celebrating by using the action of putting on band-aids in Fortnite. These celebrations have been widely used by high school athletes but this is the first time an NBA player has referenced Fortnite while celebrating.


While Hart isn’t the only athlete to have an addiction with the game, he might top everyone else by showing it on the court.

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