The New Face of Cleveland

Awhile back I started a series of articles on which athlete is the face of various cities. I never considered doing the face of Cleveland because it was such an obvious choice. LeBron had been the face of Cleveland since his high school days. Those days are over now that he has taken his talents to Hollywood to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Cleveland has taken down its huge, iconic LeBron poster, officially ending an era in the NBA. Like the last few articles, I will review some potential candidates on the new face of Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Kevin Love


With the departure of James, Kevin Love will be the best player on the new looking squad. Cleveland will look to him to be the guy that they hope can get them to the playoffs. This isn’t the first time Love has been the face of a team. Love had his own team in Minnesota before he joined the Cavaliers. He represented the Wolves in the All-Star game three times in his stint in Minnesota. Does being the best player on the team make him the new face of Cleveland?

Cleveland Cavaliers – Collin Sexton

Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Collin Sexton
Last time LeBron left Cleveland, a new young face took over the team. His name was Kyrie Irving. Could a newly drafted player now be the face of the Cavaliers? Collin Sexton was taken with the eighth pick of this year’s NBA draft. Sexton was the choice whether LeBron would return or not. His expectations however have changed now that the Cavaliers have lost their best player. Kevin Love along with Sexton will be looked upon to keep Cleveland from the dark days that they had the first time LeBron left the city.

Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns surprised many of us by taking Baker Mayfield with the number one pick of this year’s NFL draft. Mayfield will start the season as a backup to Tyrod Taylor, but I assume Taylor will have a short leash. Mayfield could quickly find his way leading the Browns if the team isn’t living up to expectations (which are higher than usual).
Baker Mayfield is the new face of Cleveland. He has an outspoken, energetic, confident personality that the city will love. It’s a new era for the Browns, and it’s a new era for Cleveland.

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