Jimmy Garappolo Living in the Spotlight

Not many quarterbacks in the league can say they went undefeated through their first seven games in the league, but 26-year-old Jimmy Garappolo can.
Garappolo served as the Patriots backup quarterback for three seasons. During the third season, he was called to start while Tom Brady served his suspension In the two games he started that season, Garoppolo threw for four touchdowns, no interceptions, and came away with two victories.
Many critics pointed to the system. Some saw the promise in Garoppolo, but others didn’t budge.
The New England Patriots traded Garappolo to the San Francisco 49ers , a team that began the year 1-10, towards the end of the regular season last year. Garappolo took a losing team and won the last five games of the regular season.
These games were no fluke if you look at the numbers before and after Garappolo arrived.
Before Garappolo, the 49ers ranked 21st in total yards per game (321.7). In the final five games, they averaged 410.0 yards per game, which happened to be the best in the league. 49ers quarterbacks completed 56.6% of their passes during the first 11 games last season (ranked 31st). During the final five games, they averaged 67.0% (ranked 3rd). The 49ers also averaged 11.8 points per game more after Garappolo showed up as well.
It looks as Jimmy G has established himself as quite the NFL starter.
With the change of roles, Garappollo will now be looked at more often: by the media, by the fans, and by his teammates. Why do I bring all of this up? Garappolo has been spotted taking an adult film star, Kiara Mia, out on what happened to look like a fancy date.
jimmy g 2.png
To all of those who feel the need to make a huge deal out of this, calm down. We can’t lie about it, Garappolo is a good looking guy who happens to have money. The man is allowed to have some fun as long as it doesn’t go as far as affecting his play on the field.
I already know whats going to happen if the 49ers start out rough beginning this season: the blame is going to be put on Garappolo and people are going to ask if he can handle the newfound popularity and people will point out to this particular point in time where he took an adult film star out on a date.
I can assure you it won’t be the reason. Let the man live his life. According to the snap story his date posted later that night…
jimmy g 3
…he’s living his best life.

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