The Pressure is on for Carson Wentz

Imagine this: You’re possibly on your way to winning your first ever MVP at the age of 24. You’ve led your team to an 11-2 record before tearing an ACL just weeks away from the playoffs.
If I stop the story there, you wouldn’t think much about it. You’d think that MVP caliber quarterback will rest while recovering and have that spot ready for him once he’s available.
The backup quarterback does the unthinkable though. He not only shreds one of the best defenses in the league in the Minnesota Vikings, throwing for 352 yards with a 78.8% completion percentage, but he leads his team to their first ever Super Bowl victory.
That’s exactly what happened to the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Carson Wentz was in the running to win league MVP until he was injured in the third quarter of week 13 against the Los Angeles Rams. Nick Foles took over and the team didn’t miss a step.
The Eagles finished the season 2-1 in the final three games and the offense rolled through the playoffs, averaging 31.3 points per game.
Some people out there actually believe that when Wentz is 100% healthy, Foles should still be the team’s starting quarterback.
In mid-June, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson told reporters that Foles would be the starting quarterback if the season started then. He knows, and we know, that just means Wentz wasn’t 100% yet.
Pederson went on to say,
“I mean, I think on the outside world, people looking at the Philadelphia Eagles, they would probably say, ‘Yeah, Nick deserves an opportunity.’ But, you know, this is the offseason still. We’re working a lot of people.”
Were about three weeks away from the regular season and were still not sure who will start week one. Wentz is still rehabbing his injury and eyeing a return for week one.
Wentz commented on his current situation by saying,
“I obviously would love to be out there. That’s been my goal all offseason ever since the injury. It’s going to be close. It’s going to be close. I’m still eyeing that date. At the end of the day, it’s not just my decision. There’s coaches and doctors that really have the final say. I really like where I’m at and time will tell here.”
I don’t think the team will risk a franchise quarterback in Wentz, so if he’s not 100%, then I expect Foles to start the season as quarterback. With that being said, if the Eagles and Foles start the season off hot, do they bench Foles for Wentz or continue to feed the hot hand?

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