Three Things To Expect in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

One week from today, Marvel’s Spider-Man will be making its long-awaited arrival to the PS4 since it is only a PS4 exclusive (sorry Xbox users). This isn’t the first time gamers have seen New York’s favorite wall-crawler, but this latest adaptation is something fans aren’t used to. Insomniac Gaming is the publisher for the game, and they poured their heart and soul into making sure this was the best/most true-to-form version of Spidey people have seen. There have been many gripes about any Spider-Man game, so I will highlight three things I think people can expect when they boot the game up on September 7th.

Improved Web-Slinging/Wall Crawling

One thing any real Spider-Man must bring to the table is web-slinging and wall crawling. Spidey lives in New York, he’s gotta get around fast. Past games have seen mechanics where webs wouldn’t really attach to buildings… or much of anything. Insomniac has made sure to make this a non-issue, With a new physics based type of web slinging, Spider-Man won’t be able to swing about NY unless his web is actually attached to a building. Wall Crawling has also seen a sort of change that most gamers won’t be used to. Spidey used to literally just run up walls; with Marvel’s Spider-Man, he only performs this feat if you shoot webs out to propel him forward up a structure. The game will also offer a fast travel system that will have Spider-Man in full costume on the New York Subway, which is as New York as it could possibly get.

Original Story

Spider-Man has one of the most known origin stories in all of comic books. With that said, we continuously have to hear about how he came to having his powers and how he lost Uncle Ben. People who read comics, watch the movies, or play the game don’t want to keep hearing that every time the web crawler gets rebooted. Marvel and Insomniac went a different route and will be giving us a look at a more mature, well versed Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Peter is now 23 years old and freshly a college graduate. Not only are you going through hardships that Spidey faces, but Peter faces as well as a young adult in today’s world.

Amazing Villains

Outside of Batman, nobody has a selection of villains quite like Spider-Man. Peter Parker has multiples foils. We all know about the Green Goblin, aka Norman Osborne, who does appear in the game as the mayor of New York and not as Spidey’s arch nemesis. Also set to appear in the game are Kingpin (aka Wilson Fisk), Rhino, Scorpion, & Vulture. Many other villains are set to appear via DLC coming out further down the line. The game also doesn’t have any pay-to-play features, so no great villains or suits Peter may wear are locked behind a paywall, a rarity in today’s gaming climate.

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