REPORTS: Bears Eye Trade for Khalil Mack

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UPDATE 9/1, 6:05 PM ET: According to’s Ian Rappoport, Khalil Mack and the Bears have agreed to a six-year, $141 million contract, with $90 million guaranteed.


The Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders have reached an agreement that would send Raiders DE Khalil Mack to Chicago, according to ESPN’s Adam Shefter.

The announcement comes after the Raiders had been reportedly shopping Mack to multiple teams. According to Shefter, Oakland was asking for two first round picks, but also received “enticing, big time offers.” In the end, Chicago reportedly was “willing to offer the most” in exchange for Mack. It’s not clear yet if the Raiders got the two picks they wanted, but the deal was apparently enough for them to act on it. Shefter also alludes to this deal being “the most a team has ever given up for a defensive player.”

Mack adds much-needed edge rushing to the Bears seemingly dilapidated defense, which combined for 20 sacks in 2017-18. The former Defensive Player of the Year played four seasons in Oakland, where he racked up 40.5 sacks and 231 tackles. What’s even more impressive is that the guy just doesn’t miss any time; he only missed 44 snaps in his tenure with the Raiders.

Stats show that Mack was also extremely valuable to the Raiders defensive production when he’s on the field (via Bill Barnwell).

mack stats

Bears fans have a reason to be excited if this deal goes through. This could be the start of a new era of strong Chicago defenses.

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