Dez Bryant Tweets That He Would Play for the Patriots or Redskins

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Here we are with week one almost in the books and a big-time receiver remains jobless. Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was released by the Cowboys in early April because he wasn’t living up to the team’s expectations, even though he was the team’s leading receiver in 2017.

Many Cowboys fans want Bryant back with the team even if it is beyond his control. One fan went to Twitter to tweet Dez asking him to come back to the Cowboys.

Bryant tweeted the fan back saying that his time in Dallas is over, and it sounds like he doesn’t want to be a Cowboy even if they wanted him back.

Bryant mentions in his tweet that he’d be alright joining the Patriots or Redskins.

Bryant is exactly what the Patriots are missing: a big time receiver. Dez Bryant, Chris Hogan, and Rob Gronkowski would be enough weapons for Tom Brady.

I’m sure Alex Smith would also like another weapon in Washington as well. This would also mean that Dez Bryant and Josh Norman could go at it every practice too. All joking aside, when Dez was released Norman was open to Bryant joining the team. TMZ caught Norman on video saying, “If he can help us win, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

Whether it’s New England or Washington, Bryant has the skill set to join any NFL team, but which team will make a deal that Bryant can’t refuse?


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