What to Watch: Week of September 16

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Welcome back to another wonderful edition of What to Watch.  Sit back, relax, and let me do all the work so that you don’t have to.  No really, I don’t mind.



The Predator

This franchise has been around for ages, with the most recent reboot attempt in 2010 coming up a bit short with Adrian Brody’s Predators.  Now 20th Century Fox is back at it again, this time with director Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) at the helm.  Expect a lot of humans running around and getting hunted down by aliens with poor dental plans, because that’s likely what you’ll get in this one. 


A Simple Favor

Directed by Paul Feig (that guy who makes the movies with Melissa McCarthy), this one stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively and is based on the book by the same name.  It follows a blogger (Kendrick) as she investigates the disappearance of her friend.  Expect less laughs than the usual Feig films, but more intrigue and mystery. 




Solo: A Star Wars Story

Although you can’t buy a physical copy just yet, you can go ahead and buy the digital release of this movie on September 14th.  It was actually a lot better than it had any right to be (see my thoughts on the movie here).  Plus it has quite possibly the greatest secret cameo in movie history, so there’s that.

Ocean’s 8

Continuing the trend of gender-bent spins on established franchises, Ocean’s 8 finds us with an all female cast led by Sandra Bullock.  She forms her own celebrity super-team while playing the younger sister of the Ocean’s former franchise lead Danny Ocean.  Can this group of gals pull off the heist of the century?  Probably, but there will likely be twists and turns along the way.  This one is available now to own on physical disk and digitally. 



Bojack Horseman: Season 5

If you haven’t been watching Bojack Horseman on Netflix, then I feel sincerely sorry for you.  This is one of the smartest and most engaging shows on television, and it manages to balance absurd humor with dark emotional moments extremely well.  If you’re looking for one of the most realistic and sobering depictions of depression in modern entertainment, then look no further than series protagonist Bojack.  He is the epitome of a washed up has-been, living in the glory days of the 1980’s when he starred as the main character in his “Full-House” flavored sitcom.  Don’t be scared off by the talking animals and colorful animation: this is a very human show tackling very human issues. 

And yeah…it’s pretty funny too. 

Check out Season 5 when it hits Netflix on September 14th.       

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