Fortnite Cross-Play Comes To PS4

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Earlier this morning, a major gaming announcement was made in regards to cross platform gaming. Sony and it’s super popular console the PS4 are in an open beta mode for cross platforming multiplayer gaming in Fortnite. This is massive as PS4 players who already had Epic accounts couldn’t bring any sort of progress, costumes, or any stats across any other way Fortnite could be played. This has always been a thing for Sony, especially as they were quoted as saying, “cross platform gaming would hurt their bottom dollar.” Sony and PlayStation have long been the big dogs on the yard and have always kept to themselves. This was frustrating for many PS4 owners since they would essentially be starting over from scratch if they owned another  console or a gaming PC. Below is the full blog post from Sony/PlayStation that goes into great detail on the biggest news in the gaming world.

Extended Fortnite Cross-Play Beta Launches on PS4 Starting Today!

As someone who once heavily played Fortnite but kind of just stopped because all the grinding/potential money I had to pour into the game just to be able to play on my Xbox, I found it to not be worth it. This now allows for all of my success, which has largely come on PS4 to be across multiple platforms. Also I can now play with a majority of my friends, which either own an Xbox or Switch, and this is such a gigantic step in the right direction. As stated, this Fortnite cross-play is in open beta so there may be some kinks or bugs. But players have to keep an open mind and look at it like this: if Fortnite cross-play goes well, who knows what other games could see the same treatment in the near future. The open beta launched today, so all Fortnite players get ready to get those battle royale victories!

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