Patrick Mahomes is the Real Deal

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Two or three weeks into the season, I was very skeptical about Patrick Mahomes. I saw the statistics the second-year quarterback was putting up. Respectable numbers to say the least. His competition is what hindered me from fully believing that Mahomes was going to be that guy. The Chargers, Steelers, and 49ers defenses haven’t provided me with enough confidence to actually give Mahomes fits. Week 4, Monday Night Football was his first true test on the road against a tough defense in the Denver Broncos. This was also the first game I really got to watch Mahomes play fully instead of just seeing highlights.

Mahomes reminded me of Aaron Rodgers on the way he extended plays. It didn’t matter who it was that forced pressure in the pocket, Mahomes was able to escape safely to extend the play and give his receivers more time to get open. That wasn’t the end of it. Mahomes was also able to throw darts to his receivers to complete the play. Did I also mention he can do it left handed?

He actually threw for 192 yards out of the pocket Monday night, the most in a decade.

Putting up these incredible stats isn’t new from the new starting quarterback. Through two weeks, Mahomes threw for 10 touchdowns and after three weeks he threw for 13 touchdowns (both NFL records).

I’m not ready to call Mahomes the best quarterback in the game right now. He sure is playing the best and through a quarter of the season he certainly deserves the MVP award. If Patrick Mahomes continues to play the way he has for four or five more weeks I will say he has surpassed the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, etc. If he doesn’t, I think we can still all agree that the Chiefs hit a homerun by trading Alex Smith and letting the 23-year-old take over this team.

If you’re still not sold on Mahomes, watch the Chiefs next week as they play the best defense in the league in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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