UFC 229: Khabib Strikes Back

Last night was one of, if not the, greatest/most significant fights in the entire history of the UFC. The lightweight championship was on the line after months of hype, a damaged bus, and A LOT of talking. Khabib Nurmagomedov made UFC poster child Conor McGregor tap out via the rear neck choke towards the end of round 4. The fight was a masterful, tactical, and all around one-sided outside of round 3. However, nobody will remember the fight; it was the post-fight brawl that stole the headlines.

Immediately after the fight, Khabib jumped up and started to jaw with Conor as he sat on the ground. Khabib then took out his mouth piece, threw it, and starting jawing with Conor’s corner. From there all hell broke loose. Khabib jumped out of the octagon and started a mini brawl with Conor’s WHOLE team. Meanwhile in the cage, Conor was getting sucker punched by guys from Khabib’s corner. The brawl was short but tempers flared long after UFC security got control of the situation. It even took Luke Rockhold and UFC Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier to calm down Khabib. Conor left the octagon and was seen as the “victim,” meanwhile Dana White refused to put Khabib’s belt on him due to the fact people would start throwing things into the octagon, so the champ had to leave without his belt… but was still showered with trash and drinks as he was escorted out. This is a huge black eye for the UFC. Anyone who has been following the lead up knows that this was bound to happen. Khabib didn’t take the personal attacks and trash talk in stride, this was a very personal fight for him and he reacted as such. Conor on the other hand, poked a bear he wasn’t fully aware about.

There will be hefty fines, maybe suspensions. even people could lose their work visa’s. This was a stain on an amazing fight, Khabib exacted his revenge, but at what cost? Conor is painted the victim, but can one be a victim if they are the one’s who poked the bear that finally got up and mauled them? The coming weeks/months will be interesting to say the least as ramifications from this fight will surely be felt still.


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