Alvin Kamara: Buy or Sell?

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Alvin Kamara was one of the biggest fantasy threats through the first four weeks of the season. He wasn’t your normal back who got his yards rushing. In fact, he only averaged 69 rush yards per game, which isn’t much when you see his fantasy scores on a weekly basis. He does most of his damage catching the ball. He averaged 84 receiving yards per game during the first four games.

However, Mark Ingram returned to the team Monday night after serving a four game suspension for PED use. I didn’t expect any problems from production out of Kamara as he was becoming great last season while Ingram was healthy. While sharing time for the first time this season, Kamara only rushed the ball six times and was targeted four times. Ingram got 16 carries and was targeted three times. Ingram had nearly double the workload as Kamara. So in terms of fantasy, should Kamara owners worry?

Daily Fantasy Sports

There are two main different types of contests we play cover here at The Bench. Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP’s) are the high risk, high reward contests. Fewer people win but the payouts are much larger towards the top. Cash games are more low risk low reward. More people win these contests but the payouts aren’t as rewarding.


Sell. As we saw in Ingram’s first game back we can’t rely on Kamara to be a viable running back at the prices he’s been listed at. Kamara has been listed anywhere from $8700 to $9100 every week on FanDuel and $9300 to $9600 on DraftKings. Another thing, I don’t like playing running backs that split touches in cash games. I’m a big believer in volume when it comes to cash contests and it’s not always there when two running backs are sharing touches.


Buy. Okay, so Kamara isn’t going to be getting the volume he once was now that Ingram is back but it won’t be to the degree we saw Monday night. In these GPP’s, you wan’t players who are less owned and maybe the thought of Ingram taking touches away from Kamara has scared people into thinking that Kamara isn’t the Saints’ number one choice. Plus, Kamara has what is needed in GPP’s: the ability to turn any play into a big one. With his elusiveness and speed, Kamara can break one anytime. The only downside is when the Saints are in a goal line situation they may use Ingram more to pound the ball in, taking touchdowns away from Kamara. However, Kamara still remains as a GPP option as long as the matchup is right.

Fantasy Leagues

Buy. Everything has a price but don’t freak out and go trading away Kamara for something you’ll regret later. Now if it means providing more depth for you team then yes it’s still something to think about but make the decision as if you still have a top five fantasy running back on your team.

The main takeaway here is: keep calm. Kamara can still make big plays and be a huge success for your fantasy team. The volume you saw Monday night…that shouldn’t be indication on how the volume will remain.

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