Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC

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Last month, Marvel’s Spider-Man was released exclusively on the PS4 and was received to great fan fare. Starting this month Insomniac is releasing the first of three planned DLC’s to go in conjunction with its main game. The first round of DLC follows one of Peter’s former love interest. Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is a world-renowned thief and whenever she is around, trouble often follows. She had a bit of a mini-storyline in the main game where Peter swung around NYC trying to find little toy black cats. The end of this mission resulted in unlocking one of the suits that Peter can don in the game.

Spider-Man: The Heist is now available on the PS4 and runs about 90 minutes. Gamers will have the option of speed running the new content or taking it in slowly. Also Marvel Spider-Man gamers can play the new “Game+” Which lets you play the game from the beginning of the game but with all of your upgrades! Spider-Man continues to deliver great content and expect more in November & December when the other parts of this DLC go live on the PS4.

In looking ahead to the other parts of the DLC package. There has been much speculation as to what to expect. During the main game, Spidey goes to a college party and many people dress up as the many great villains in Spider-Man’s rouges gallery. Many believe that the DLC coming in November will revolve around fan favorite villain “Mysterio” aka the fish bowl villain. Insomniac has released any info on the second DLC but expect that in the coming weeks. All in all “The Heist” is a great piece of content and even more will be on the way.

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