Panic in LA?

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As we all knew, the start of the NBA season is a time for most teams (unless you’re The Warriors) to work out any kinks they may have. However, there is one NBA team that has a microscope on it: the Los Angeles Lakers. The storied franchise added another marque free agent, this time that player being the best one on the planet: LeBron James. The Lakers had a solid young core, and by adding James the title window suddenly opened back up for the Lakers.

Seven games in, the Lakers are 2-5 and blame is already being thrown around and even LeBron himself seems a bit annoyed by the level of losing he is seeing from this team. When you look at the Lakers, I’m sure we all thought since they have LBJ everything would run fine. This team however, is very different from what LeBron has played with during the last few years. LeBron has been dominate when he is surrounded by shooters that allow him to drive and kick. The Lakers, however, do not have that type of play-style. So the burden falls on James to maybe do more than he is use to, especially this early in the season. So what can the Lakers do? Well we’ve already seen a change to the lineup. Rajon Rondo was the starting point guard until he decided to “spit” on Chris Paul. Lonzo Ball was inserted into the starting 5 and balled out (no bun intended). Once Rondo returned from suspension a lot of people wanted to keep Lonzo in with the starters. Which Luke Walton agreed with, however after a loss to the Wolves, a game in which Lonzo played horribly, now fans wish to see Rondo return to the starting lineup.

Bottom line, there is no “quick fix” for the Lakers, and no matter how much people hoped, they would never compete for a title because they need cohesion. I personally had selected them to make it to the WCF which could easily happen still, the fan base and bron stans just need to relax and let this young core, along with LBJ figure out how to play off each other.

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