Zion Williamson: The Next Big Thing

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Last week kicked off the start of the college basketball season, and to quote Dick Vitale, the “diaper dandies” were out in full force in Indianapolis. The Duke Blue Devils took the court for game one against a loaded Kentucky squad. However, the game proved to be nowhere near close at all. Duke ran away with it behind impressive games from RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish, but the last piece of that “freshman big 3,” Zion Williamson, is the real talk of college basketball.

Simply put, Zion found social media fame because of an insane jumping ability. I mean, the kid could jump with prime Vince Carter. He quickly drew attention and instantly attracted many offers and ended up at Duke. The only real knock on his game was that outside of dunking, what more did he really bring to the basketball court? Well, all that was put to rest in a few exhibition games and the first two games of the season. The kid is a dog on the defensive end, and coupled with his great athleticism, he has proven to be a force when it comes to blocking shots. The biggest shock was how smooth his jump shot is. Williamson has had two quality shooting games mixed in with his game-breaker type dunks. Zion is truly a complete player, and it didn’t take until March to realize that.

The future is very bright for Zion. He has shown so far that he was worth all the hype, and not only was the hype real, he has all the tools to be an NBA franchise-changing player right out of college. Duke isn’t all Zion however; in my next article I’ll take a look at another “diaper dandy” in RJ Barrett.

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