WWE Issues: Bad Booking or Bad Luck?

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The multi-million dollar leader in sports entertainment is finishing up quite possibly the toughest month it’s ever had. From poor in ring performances to uncontrollable circumstances, they’ve pretty much had it all go against them.

Here a quick recap of the last 30 days:

  • Roman Reigns relinquishes title to battle leukemia
  • John Cena & Daniel Bryan pull out of Crown Jewel
  • Brock Lesner (yeah he’s a problem)
  • Continuous lowering of TV ratings & loss of network subscriptions
  • The Crown Jewel PPV itself flops for multiple reasons, mainly bad booking
  • The Miz gets hurt before World Cup Final, promoting Shane McMahon to jump in..AND WIN?!


Needless to say, Vince McMahon & company have seen better days. Moving forward though, one of the company’s biggest and historically best events is less than a week away, Survivor Series.

If you’re an avid wrestling fan like myself, those two words trigger a flood of great memories from past matches, most likely centered around the namesake Survivor Series 10-man elimination tag match.

But this year feels a little different, doesn’t it? Like the WWE has never looked or felt this, for lack of a better term, scrambled.

Let’s take this week’s editions of Raw & Smackdown Live for example…

As always, before the two brands square off on Sunday, there’s some sort of “invasion” or “take over,” (or whatever word Michael Cole decides to yell at us) and this year was no different.

Except, it was. It was only the women from Smackdown coming to confront and take out the women of Raw, led by “The Man” herself, Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Everything was going great. Becky ironically looked like she almost broke Ronda Rousey’s arm & all the blue shirts were kicking butt.



Lynch comes down to the ring & takes a bad bump across the nose from Nia Jax & boom… she’s gushing from her nose like somebody just cut on the kitchen sink.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and before Smackdown can even get on the air, there are reports that Becky will be pulled from the Champ vs Champ match against Rousey because of that injury.

Tough, tough break.

Then later that night, AJ Styles fights Daniel Bryan for the title.. for reasons that don’t really make sense to anybody, but whatever, right? It’ll be a good matchup before Styles fights Lesner.. or so we thought.

In the most insane turn of events, Bryan gives Styles an ironically well-timed low blow, and becomes champion just like that. The crowd is stunned, but not in a good way. More of a “WTF just happened/Taker lost a mania” kind of way.

Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan.

I could go on and on about the turn WWE programming has taken for the worst, but it’s clear they don’t need anymore issues on their plate. Not only are they just the victims of bad look and bad timing. But now they’re also effectively tanking any positive storyline they’ve had and replace it with pure crap.

We can’t even give them shit for it because before we start to, they throw more questionable outcomes with down right idiotic reasoning, if there’s any at all.

I’m going to watch this weekend because of my love for wrestling. But, with every week I get closer to the point fellow Bench writer Alec Bradley is at, this shit they’re giving us, is down right pitiful.

Some writers on the creative team need to lose their jobs.. ASAP!

Rant over.

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