All Elite Wrestling Announce PPV, Signings

Fresh off of the highly anticipated “Double or Nothing” presser Tuesday afternoon, AEW added fuel to the flames of excitement with multiple big time announcements.

Before I get into those, let’s go back to New Year’s Day when independent wrestling juggernauts Cody Rhodes, his wife Brandi & The Young Bucks announced they had officially signed contracts with the promotion.

All of them are coming off an outstanding 2018 where they effectively ran the entire independent scene, while also managing to remain prominent fixtures in New Japan Wrestling (NJPW).

young cody

This is effectively their brainchild finally coming to life, as Rhodes especially has been open about wanting to have a promotion of his own after the success of the “All In” pay-per-view event in 2018.

Returning to Tuesday’s presser, the team of aforementioned stars made clear their goals and who else they were bringing along for the ride.

It was announced that all-time great WWE superstar Chris Jericho has signed with the promotion.

Y2J, who was in attendance, isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight. With this promotion still in its start-up phase, his star power will be a big boost to the growing roster.

It was also announced that Pac, formally known as Neville in WWE, has also signed with AEW. This is huge because most people haven’t seen him much of anywhere since his very public walk out and contract dispute with WWE early last year.

Pac also made an appearance to interrupt fellow signee Hangman Page, who stated that he would be the first AEW Champion. The interaction sent independent wrestling fans into a frenzy wanting to see this come to fruition.


The announcement of these two names alone made Twitter go crazy, but that wasn’t all they had in store for wrestling fans.

All Elite Wrestling’s first PPV event “Double or Nothing” finally had a date and a home: May 25th live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Talk about setting the bar high!

While these announcements have been met with a lot of excitement, the promotion is still very fresh and only time will tell if they will be able to build into a legitimate contender to cut into WWE’s monopoly over the sports entertainment landscape.

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