LA or Boston for the Brow?

At the bright and early time of 8 AM today, the NBA world was set ablaze. All-NBA player Anthony Davis, via his agent Rich Paul, let it be known he has no intention of signing an extension with the New Orleans Pelicans and is seeking a trade from the franchise that drafted him 1st overall in 2012. Davis this year is averaging some of the best numbers of his career, putting up 29.3 PPG on nearly 51% shooting. Add in the 13.3 RPG and 4.4 APG, and Davis is clearly a top-5 player in the NBA who has finally gotten fed up and annoyed with the overall lack of talent and promise within the Pelicans.

Realistically, only two teams could trade for Davis and have it make sense: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. The Celtics, however, cannot pull the trigger on any potential deal until this summer once Kyrie opts out of his current contract. The Lakers, while a suitable place for any superstar, lack the type of young talent that the Celtics have available as trade pieces. Boston also has a nice crop of draft picks that would entice any team who would be thrown into an instant rebuild mode like the Pelicans are faced with.

When talking about the NBA, thr discussion will always include Boston & LA. These two franchises have the two highest amounts of championships in league history and have always battled it out on court. This battle, however, will take place off the court and in the front office. Per the Rose Rule, which was agreed upon in the new CBA, Boston cannot trade for Anthony Davis, since they have Kyrie Irving on the books, but once he opts out this summer, that would free them up to go ahead and trade for Davis. Boston has picks and a nice core of young players to send to NO in exchange for AD. I truly believe no one can come close to their offer, so New Orleans really has no rush to try and make a trade prior to this offseason.

It is well known around the league that AD wants to be a Laker and play with LeBron. And unlike in years past, James has high faith in Magic and GM Rob Pelinka. So he isn’t doing typical GM LeBron type moves.

The Lakers have one big issue. Of the young players they have, it would appear the front office doesn’t want to part with Brandon Ingram or Kyle Kuzma. But even the Lakers best trade for AD (LAL sends Lonzo Ball, BI or Kuzma, Zubac and a 1st pick for AD) doesn’t equal what Boston could send to New Orleans.

It was believed that later today/this week, Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, would put out a statement saying how Anthony desires to be a Laker and would only be a one year rental for any other team. This would be a huge blow to the Pelicans and their GM Dell Demps if they get backed into a corner and have to make a trade since no one wants to trade away young players for a one year rental. The next week or two promise to be an exciting and thrilling time for the NBA.

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