Lakers Could Lure Klay Thompson Away From Golden State

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be one of the first teams thought of when a player demands a trade or when there’s a star player about to hit free agency. That just happens to be a hot topic recently with Anthony Davis demanding a trade and rumors that Kyrie Irving is interested in playing with LeBron James again.

These two would be great additions to the Lakers and would immediately make them title contenders, but there’s one player who doesn’t get talked about enough: Klay Thompson.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Thompson would consider signing with the Lakers in the offseason if the Warriors don’t offer him a max contract and if the Lakers were to land Anthony Davis.

This comes months after Thompson telling Shams Charania in a one-on-one interview, “I’ve been to the mountaintop. I know what it feels like to win and win with some of your best friends. And that’s why it would be hard for me to leave just because I’ve put so much blood, sweat and tears in this building and with this franchise. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I couldn’t imagine myself being somewhere else. ”

While Davis would be a huge pickup, Klay Thompson would be just as big. Klay Thompson would be the perfect sidekick to LeBron. Most stars demand the ball, but not Thompson. He’s someone who can be equally efficient without being a ball dominant player.

Earlier this season Thompson erupted for a 52 point game performance against the Chicago Bulls in only 26 minutes. The best part, it only took him five dribbles to do it.

Thompson excels at off-ball movement and finds himself open quite often. Pairing him with James would be a match made in heaven. James is one of the league’s best passers and he has a knack for finding his shooters.

LeBron has been surrounded by some of the NBA’s best three point shooters throughout his career. Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Kyle Korver have all teamed up with LeBron, and each one has been successful due to LeBron’s ability to drive to the paint and find these shooters outside.

This season, the Lakers went with a less traditional route and surrounded LeBron with more playmakers and fewer three-point shooters. This has led to the Lakers shooting 33.5% behind the arc, ranking 28th in the league.

An upgrade from Josh Hart (who I’d assume would be a part of a trade deal if the Lakers were to land Anthony Davis) would be huge for the Lakers in becoming a true contender. Thompson would bring the experience, defense, and shooting that would all be valuable to the teams success.

This recent news puts some pressure on Golden State. They have to pay the man to keep the man or the Lakers could lure the three point specialist to LA.

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