Is Jared Goff Legit?

After Sunday’s troubling loss to the Patriots, a game that saw a vaunted Rams defense score just 3 points, Sean McVay took the blame by simply stating that he had been out coached. While some would tend to agree, there are others who would say that Jared Goff was the problem for the whole offense. He wasn’t reading defenses properly, and he missed several throws or held the ball too long in some instances. And when faced with an all out blitz, he was forced into just throwing a ball up for grabs that lead to a game-sealing INT. Goff came into the league with some promise, as he was lauded for being the most pro ready QB in his draft class, however once Carson Wentz took the league by storm and Goff looked downright pitiful in his rookie season a lot of people were ready to write off the young QB, but with just two years under Sean McVay, Goff has matured into a solid QB who can put up big time numbers.

Goff was decent for a majority of the season. In an offense that relies on play action, Goff excelled and looked like an early MVP candidate. The loss of deep threat Cooper Kupp proved to be a turning point for the Rams (along with Todd Gurley vanishing in the NFC title game and Super Bowl). We all know that Jared is only in his third year and under McVay has grown and really matured into a solid QB. But solid doesn’t beat the Patriots. Credit to Bill Belichick & Brian Flores for scheming and essentially calling the perfect defensive game, but Goff did under perform in certain spots. Goff finished the game 19/38 for 229 yards and one pick. However these numbers, while decent aren’t at all the numbers Rams fans were use to seeing from their young QB.

The Rams are young and the defense is stout, McVay will come back hungrier and of course Kupp will be healthy, but the main cause for concern will still be Goff. I’m sure Sundays loss was very eye opening and help him grow as a QB but as of right now I’m selling on Goff, while he can get you to the big game, if the opposing QB is far superior he will always be outclassed and the city of LA won’t win a super bowl as long as the Rams go to represent them.

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