Two areas Apex Legends needs to improve to sustain success

Last week, the gaming world received somewhat of a jolt when it come to battle royale games. Respawn Entertainment, creators of the much beloved Titanfall & Titanfall 2, created what is essentially the third part of the trilogy. Apex Legends is another entrant into the battle royale first-person shooter mold that was really blown into another stratosphere by Fortnite. Apex Legends is in the same universe of Titanfall 2 but after developers saw how popular the likes of Fortnite and Blackout, from Call of Duty, were they decided to pitch any ideas for Titanfall 3 and went the BR route.

Apex Legends allows players to use a selection of 8 “legends”. Each legend or character have different abilities that assist them in the game and in the midst of gun warfare. The game has an array of that use different forms of ammo. The basics of the game follows that of any BR game. The lobby holds a certain amount of players (the number is 60 in Apex). You then make a drop onto the rather large map and select among several different terrains. The 60 players are split into 20 teams of 3. Then of course there is the dreaded “storm.” The storm shrinks in making the map smaller and smaller every 3 minutes. What makes this game unique is the fact that as you move around the map and go from different places, the game will actually tell you what tier loot you can expect to find in certain areas. This allows gamers to get familiar with the map and pick the spots where they can rack up the most loot before going on the hunt to pick off the competition.

The Downside

Apex Legends does a lot of things right, however, as with most games that are freshly-launched, there are a few issues with it as of now. Mainly the best loot often is found mid-match, or if you run a risk drop on a supply ship right off jump. Jumping right into action or into a highly-contested area often leads to multiple people making a mad dash for a weapon or simply just using melees to down a person if a gun is readily available. A more balanced approach to loot would greatly increase people spreading out and really searching the map for the best places to drop.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, issues is the fact that Squads is the only option in the game right now, which then means you’ll have to squad up with randoms, or a buddy and a random third. This isn’t too big of an issue yet, but with such a new game out, there are plenty of noobs out and about, which makes it hard to strategize along with working together to maximize your team and get that precious dub. These two issues would greatly improve the game in the short and long term.

Apex Legends is available on the Xbox One, PS4, along with PC. It has only been out for a week but it has already accumulated a player base of 25 million players. For the people who are sick and tired of Fortnite, it appears that there is a new game on the horizon that at least for now can compete and maybe even provide an escape from the dryness that FN has created.

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