Previewing the Chicago Cubs’ Season

With the start of baseball season slowly creeping up on us, a lot of people are starting to think about what their team is capable of and if they can potentially win a World Series. For myself, the Chicago Cubs are a team that has a great chance to win another World Series.

After breaking the curse in 2016, it appeared that the Cubs were destined to go on a 1920’s-type Yankees dynastic run. However that hasn’t been the case, the Cubs have made the postseason and each two years post the World Series victory, however they haven’t been back. A few things can be attributed to this: first of all, the Cubs fought plenty of injuries last season, the biggest injury being that of former NL MVP, 3rd baseman Kris Bryant. Even once KB returned from an extended time on the DL, he just wasn’t the same player, lacking the power that he has displayed for a majority of his career. Secondly, key players regressed to the point to where some couldn’t be every day players because of the inconsistent play, yes Javier Baez stepped up big time, but other key pieces did not at all. Lastly, the pitching staff is growing old, with aces aging and no real proven arm in their farm system, the cubs are set up to rely just on their offense.

Kris Bryant has much to prove to the baseball masses after a season marred by injury.

It’s been three years come this November since the Cubbies won it all, and while they have been dominate, (averaging 95 wins per season for the last 4 seasons). They haven’t had a lot of postseason success, last year they lost on day one of the MLB postseason. However, it is a new year. Kris Bryant is a former MVP looking to remind people who he is, and the pitching staff, while up there in age, all have great arms. The Cubs are strapped for cash and pushing up on the luxury tax, would they be willing to bring in a younger arm for a rotation that lacks that marquee name? This has been a question for north side people the last two years.

Javier Baez had an amazing year, however he tailed off as the season waned.

Burgeoning superstar Javier Báez looks to continue his growth into a great all around talent; meanwhile, the young guys who regressed, cc: Wilson Contreras & Kyle Schwarber, look to rebound and get back to being the solid guys that helped bring a title to the north side back in 2016. The Cubs have all the pieces and a solid bullpen, but can the team recapture the magic from a few seasons ago and prove that they didn’t miss their window for a dynasty still? This upcoming summer inside the friendly confines will certainly have a lot to say about that potentially.

Will Wrigley Field have meaningful games come October?

The Cubs went from the lovable losers to a team that is expected to compete and win titles, and in today’s climate people aren’t willing to wait another 108 years before another title is on the north side of Chicago. Do I think the Cubs will win the World Series? Probably not but I expect a team that is just as hungry as they were in 2016 and if key contributors get back into solid form and they go out and potentially get a young(ish) type arm for their staff the Cubs have a chance to recreate the magic from 2016, not only for this year but for many more years to come.

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