2019 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks: Studs, Sleepers, and Busts

I’m back again to help you find or steer you away from a quarterback to help lead you you to a Fantasy Football championship. My last installment included the studs, sleepers, and busts among available running backs in the upcoming NFL season, so be sure to check that out, as running backs are one of the most important pieces to a Fantasy Football team. However the QB is a position that carries huge weight. So with that being said, here are your stud, sleeper, and bust quarterbacks for the 2019 season.

Studs – These quarterbacks will produce week in and week out, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting consistent production out of these guys.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes should be the first quarterback taken off the board in every single draft. What he did last season was incredible for someone with somewhat low expectations going into the season. He led the league in touchdowns with 50 (Andrew Luck threw the next highest with 39). He finished second in the league in pass yards per game with 319. The biggest question is when do you draft Mahomes? Usually running backs will come off the board quickly with a couple big-name receivers before anyone thinks about drafting a quarterback. This year could be different; Mahomes will be quick to come off the board. If you don’t pull the trigger and take him with your first pick, he’ll more than likely be gone before you’re on the clock again.

The biggest issue out of the Chiefs offense comes with Tyreek Hill and the accusations of assault. The Chiefs also have weapons of Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce on the roster. Either way, Mahomes is too good to overlook. I wouldn’t take any QB above him this year.

Andrew Luck

When he’s healthy, he’s one of the leagues top quarterbacks, but you rarely ever see his name thrown in the same category with guys like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers, even though he’s right up there with them. Luck will be a top five quarterback this year, but you’ll see bigger name players go before him that probably shouldn’t.

The Colts love to air the ball out as Luck ranked second in the league last season in pass attempts only trailing Ben Roethlisberger. Luck finished fifth in both yards and QBR and second in passing touchdowns. Consequently, all the passing led him to throwing the second most interceptions, but we’re not as worried about that in fantasy football. Luck is also a very efficient passer near the end zone. He ranked second in passing touchdowns inside the 10 and inside the 20, only trailing Mahomes in both categories. The Colts have added Devin Funchess and drafted Parris Campbell this offseason, hoping to give Luck some more options. When it comes to picking your quarterback, don’t let Luck fall too far. He will be a valuable asset to your fantasy team every week.

Sleepers – These quarterbacks will be flying under the radar. You may find them in a later round than what they should be drafted or may end up being claimed off waivers early in the season.

Jameis Winston

Winston had a bit of an up and down season last year as he split starts with Ryan Fitzpatrick. With Fitzpatrick now off the team, the Bucs have made a statement by being fully committed to Winston. Winston threw the ball about 34 times per game, including two games in which he did not start. The run game in Tampa Bay is still not above average, so Winston should be asked to throw the ball quite a bit again. Winston doesn’t lack the help with receivers like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and a tight end like OJ Howard.

Winston should be one of the top backup quarterbacks in your league and could also make as a decent starter. Don’t let last years lack of stats scare you because he will be a full time starter this season.

Josh Allen

Allen isn’t a great quarterbacks by any means, but when it comes to fantasy football, he’s more valuable than you would think. When it came to fantasy point averages last season, Allen was right there with Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins, and Phillip Rivers.

Allen isn’t your conventional quarterback though. He scores quite a bit of points on the ground, as he racked up 52.6 rushing yards per game while rushing for eight touchdowns on the year. He also threw for 173 yards per game while throwing 10 touchdowns. This season, Allen should get a full season in as starter. Last season, he didn’t get the start until week two and missed three games due to injury. Allen will be a solid backup quarterback option in your fantasy football league.

Busts – These quarterbacks won’t live up to the hype. They will be drafted too early. Stay away from these guys unless it’s your last resort.

Marcus Mariota

Mariota is the opposite of Josh Allen. I think Mariota is a good quarterback but less valuable in fantasy football. The biggest reason I wouldn’t take Mariota is because of his volume issues. The Titans don’t like to throw the ball very much. Since coming into the league, Mariota has ranked 25th, 24th, 21st, and 28th in pass attempts each year. Last season, he posted a career low in passing the ball 23.6 times per game while only throwing for 11 touchdowns in 14 games. Their were five games last season Mariota failed to throw the ball at least 20 times.

It’s not Mariota’s fault he isn’t a good fantasy football quarterback. He just isn’t getting the volume you want for such an important position on your roster. I would not consider taking Mariota in the draft. If the Titans prove they can trust him throwing the ball, pick him up down the road on waivers, but whatever you do don’t waste a draft pick on him.

Eli Manning

Oh boy. The New York Giants are a MESS. After dealing Odell Beckham Jr., Manning’s main targets are Sterling Shepard, Corey Coleman, and Evan Engram. Yikes. The lone bright spot on this offense is Saquon Barkley, who luckily is a pass catching back. This isn’t nearly enough help for Eli Manning though.

We shouldn’t expect much out of the New York Giants this season. So what happens when they get off to a slow start? They just used their sixth overall pick on Daniel Jones, and I’m not going to sit here and completely believe the Giants will ride Manning as their starter all season. Manning will lose his job by the seasons end, and there is no need to roster a quarterback that won’t be available by the time you’re in your fantasy football playoffs.

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