Top 5 Destinations for Kevin Durant

As we reach the end of the NBA season, we are all waiting for the real fun to begin. As the Golden State Warriors get set for another NBA Finals appearance, there is a lingering issue that will be answered sooner rather than later. GSW superstar Kevin Durant has a potential list of suitors for when he hits free agency this summer. Now this isn’t an official list because sadly I don’t have league sources, but these 5 teams are clear favorites and they make the most sense for KD.

New York Knicks

While the Knicks don’t do too much winning on the court, adding KD seems to be the most logical pairing for both parties. New York is starving for a star that could help them once again become a premier franchise in the league. Kevin Durant on the other hand is looking to add the crown jewel to his crown and lead a franchise to a title instead of jumping on with a title contender. New York has seen the Knicks literally be as useful as a corpse for the better part of a decade. Not only could KD turn that around, but he could also potentially lead the Knicks to a title in a wide open Eastern Conference.

Golden State Warriors

This technically is my “1B” choice, as KD staying with the Warriors isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Durant has had his greatest success with the franchise and in the process solidified himself as a top 3 player in the world. However, if the Warriors do elect to bring KD back, that would seriously hinder their chances on being back Klay Thompson and re-signing Draymond Green next off season. The Warriors have been without KD since he left game 5 of the WCSF and have reverted back to their original play style. They are still lethal, but KD adds another layer of depth to the evil empire.

Los Angeles Clippers

A lot of people may be questioning why the consistent “step child” in LA is above the Lakers on this list. It’s rather simple: the Clippers are head and shoulders talent-wise (excluding LBJ) above the Lakers. They have more pieces, a better coach & front office, and even a better owner with a boatload of money. The Clippers along with the Knicks have money to give out two max contracts if they so choose, so not only could KD join, but they could also bring in another top-tier superstar. Many rumors place Kawhi with Durant if he chooses the Clippers, or maybe Kyrie joins KD in New York or LA. The Clippers are certainly one of the most intriguing teams simply because adding KD and another piece would make Los Angeles a “Clippers town” in a few years.

Los Angeles Lakers

Ladies and gentlemen… the Lakers stink! LeBron James is the only saving grace for this franchise and really the only reason I put them on the list. The Lakers have had an offseason from hell. Magic up and left them, and then went on First Take and destroyed GM Rob Pelinka (aka great value Rob Lowe), fired their head coach, and then got spurned by Monty Williams and couldn’t close the deal with Ty Lue, leading them to hire Frank Vogel. The Laker name and the presence of LBJ hopefully can still influence Kevin Durant to go join a franchise in desperate need of winning and returning to relevance.

Brooklyn Nets

So the last team on the list brings it full circle; we started in New York, and come back to one of the five boroughs. Brooklyn has the cap space for stars, has the solid pieces in place, and has nowhere to go but up. Brooklyn has been trying to lure a star to join their ranks for about 2-3 years during the off season. While already having a future star in DLo Brooklyn could really assert themselves as the kings of New York by scooping up Kevin Durant and the likes of Kyrie Irving.

All of these teams stand a great shot. However Kevin Durant is moody and unpredictable, what he’s thinking one day may not be what he chooses to do come July. It’s safe to say that this offseason will hinder on KD and then the pieces land as they may, this will without a doubt create a seismic shift in the NBA landscape.

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