How a Tyreek Hill Suspension Could Affect Fantasy Football

The domino effect is in place awaiting on the news on Kansas City Chiefs star wide out Tyreek Hill. In March, Hill’s son was removed from the home due to alleged child abuse and neglect.

As of June 7th, the investigation on the child abuse charge has ended. It was determined neither Hill nor his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, were to blame in the incident with their 3-year-old son breaking his arm. However, the audio captured and sent to KCTV5 doesn’t look good on Hill’s part.

As we learned from Ezekiel Elliotts’ suspension last season, there doesn’t need to be clear-cut evidence to receive a suspension from the NFL. Elliott was never charged with anything in the alleged domestic dispute with a former girlfriend but he still received a six game suspension. So, who is to say a suspension won’t be handed down from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell?

The length a possible suspension will determine how long these effects take place. In case of a short term suspension or no suspension at all, we really shouldn’t take this into account. While performing well in the regular season is important, the playoffs is what matters and where you will win your Fantasy Football Championship. A full season suspension is doubtful but here’s who will be affected if this be the case.

Patrick Mahomes will see a slight decrease in stock. Tyreek Hill was Mahomes top receiver during the 2018 season. Hill caught 87 balls on 137 targets for 1,479 yards (team high) and 12 touchdowns (team high). With Hill, I believe Mahomes is the top quarterback in the league. Without Hill, Mahomes is capable of being the top quarterback but it isn’t as clear cut.

Wide receivers will obviously see a fairly large increase in stock. Hill was a huge part in the offense and saw 23.5% of the attempted passes last season. Without Hill, the Chiefs are left with Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson, and Mecole Hardman. Watkins should see the biggest boost as he will the Chiefs top wide receiver as long as he can stay healthy. Hardman could be one of the leagues top sleepers. Rookies are tough to predict but those who drafted Calvin Ridley last season were rewarded.

Travis Kelce shouldn’t see much of a change in stock and/or production. Either way he will still be the top tight end in the league but it’s hard to predict if he will see a larger target share after receiving 25.7% of the passes last season. It’s hard to say he will see more than 150 targets and score more than 10 touchdowns with or without Hill. Either way he’s the top option and I’m not changing my mind based on the outcome of the decision on Hill.

Hills’ decision will factor in if you really want to play a defense against Kansas City or not. Hill is a dynamic receiver giving Mahomes some big play potential down the field often opening up the field for other receivers. The 2018 offense topped the league in points per game (35.3) and total yards (425.6) and finished third in passing yards (309.7). Finding a temporary defense in free agency is easy but I’d avoid playing a defense against KC definitely if Tyreek Hill is on the field.

Before your Fantasy Football draft, make sure you know the status on Tyreek Hill as he will affect multiple other players you may want to draft. Also make sure to check out our studs, sleepers, and busts for QBs, RBs, WRs, defenses, and kickers.

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